What is your training for?

Training needs a goal. That’s pretty clear when following a program, or pushing through those days when your motivation just isn’t quite up to par. But its easy to get burnt-out over time; when you spend your days constantly thinking about your diet, mentally planning your next few weeks of training, and the scheduling that’s required to make it all work…well, let’s just say that burn-out sometimes feels like the smart choice.

Yet lots of us stick to it, through thick and thin. People who are new to exercise and fitness often get fixated on the process, because there’s so much to learn. So how do you keep the motivation up, day after day? One way is by taking advantage of your training to do new things, or things that you love to do and just improve by virtue of training.

Take me, for example: I run, and I hit the gym. That’s my thing. It can be a lot. However, I also live on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. And what is readily available anywhere in BC? Mountain biking. It’s a great sport, it’s hugely rewarding, it’s an incredible workout, and it showcases the bang-for-buck you get for time spent at the gym and worrying about the diet. But most of all, it’s just fun.  This is one way I stay motivated. Check out this video on mountain biking, and you’ll see why I find mountain biking to be both a motivator and a reward for time spent in the gym:



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2 thoughts on “What is your training for?

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